Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Upcoming Talks

Greetings from Ann Arbor!
I'm back to blogging after an extended summer break to announce a few upcoming talks.

I'll be speaking about new internet sources for genealogy at the Western Wayne County Genealogical Society in Livonia on October 19. There's more information here.

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, I'll be giving two talks at the Michigan Library Association's annual conference in Lansing. One is on "Hyper-Local History" and the other gives tips for "Surviving a Genealogy Reference Interview." The conference program is available here.


Mark said...

Would you be willing to share notes or your PPT from the "Surviving the Genealogy Reference Interview". I could send you my munged e-mail address.

Jack said...

Sure, email me and I'll send you the presentation.