Sunday, December 28, 2008

Disambiguation Post

Just to clear up any confusion, the following books were written by other Jack Simpsons:

Simpson, Jack. Socrates and Suits: Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Fighter Pilot.

Simpson, Jack. $Elf-Publish for Profit: By Avoiding Booby Traps.

Simpson, Jack. Eucalyptus Plantation Pests and Diseases: Crop Loss Study.

Simpson, Jack. Osutoraria no shokubutsu to dōbutsu.

Also, I am not the Man with the Donkey.


Harold Henderson said...

LOL! I think quite a few of us bloggers could use to do such a post.


Jack said...

Is this the same Harold Henderson who wrote A study of why pony and midget football participants do not participate in varsity football at Glynn Academy?

I imagine Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak would have trouble writng a similar post.

Harold Henderson said...

Unfortunately not -- that sounds more lucrative than my usual output. The author of that might be the Harold Henderson who's involved in NFL labor relations.